Winners of the 2019 ANZSPD Essay Competitions

Winners of the 2019 ANZSPD Louise Brearley Messer Undergraduate and Postgraduate Essay Competition

It gives me very great pleasure to announce the winners of the 2019 ANZSPD Louise Brearley Messer Undergraduate and Postgraduate Essay Competition.

This essay competition has been named in recognition of the great contribution made by Professor Louise Brearley Messer AM in Teaching, Research and Administration in Paediatric Dentistry. The judges commented on the difficulty in choosing the winners due to the high standard of the entries received. I would like to thank all students who participated in the competition, their supervisors and especially the judges.


The results are as follows: 

Postgraduate Essay: 

Dr Jana Nikolovski

University of Sydney

Topic: "We are into a new era in which parental-based research from internet searches and social media exposure is having a significant influence on what oral health care services they are wanting their children to receive. Discuss examples of services that may be requested by parents from you based on their research that may be deemed alternative to conventional oral health care practice. How you would approach each of these situations? Include in your answer evidence for and against both alternative and conventional treatment option outcomes."

Undergraduate Essay: 

Paul Mueller

La Trobe University

Topic: "Biosilicates have been found to have multiple applications in paediatric dentistry. What are they and are they as good as the alternatives?"


Dr Carmel Lloyd

Federal Secretary ANZSPD (Inc)